Aug 29, 2016

"Healing ADD" a Book by Daniel G. Amen Review/Giveaway

   One of the hardest things about raising a child, is raising a child who has ADD.  Our 8 year old has  ADD, and he really has it bad.  I nearly lost my mind trying to figure out how to deal with it.  Finally, from the request of a teacher, I took him to the Dr. and sure enough he is ADD.  But, before reading this book, I never knew there were some many different types of ADD and ways to handle it.
  " Healing ADD", by Daniel Amen, is a great book full of research and lots of tests that have been done studying the signs, symptoms and treatment for ADD.  Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD, is a national crisis that continues to grow.  This illness is one of the most misunderstood and incorrectly treated illnesses today.  

  There are 7 different types of ADD and with help you can find which one fits your child.  Children with ADD don't seem to be listening, they fail to complete tasks at home or at school, they hit when they are frustrated, and they don't have a lot of patience - for example; waiting their turn in line or at a game.  These are just some of the basic characteristics of children with ADD.  As a parent disciplining this type of child can be overwhelming because you know it is something the child can't help.  The parent usually loses their temper and they end up feeling guilty about how they disciplined the child.  October is ADD Awareness month and one of the many problems that is being addressed is how to help not only the child with ADD, but the parent of a child with ADD as well.
  It is important to break the cycle of guilt  when dealing with a child with ADD.  The best way to deal with difficult behavior, is to deal with it when it happens instead of letting the tension rise and the parent reacts the wrong way.

     The picture above are the 7 types of ADD.  There are 20% of boys today and 11%  of girls being diagnosed today with this illness.  But, there are some good things about some people with ADD.  They can be very intelligent, creative, fun and successful - these describe my grandson to a tee.  He is so smart, creative and can be very fun,  However, there is a flip side - these people can also have low self esteem, and have low academic skills.
   If you read this book and evaluate those who you know who are battling with some or all of the common symptoms, it will teach you how to handle which type they have and  the way to treat it.  There are clinics all across the US who really know how to deal with each and every type of ADD your loved one may have and there are many success stories.  This book will explain it all and point you in the right direction for the type of help you are looking for.
   "Healing ADD", helped me feel not so alone with dealing with a child that has this illness.  I know it is real and how it effects everyone differently.  If you are looking for the same kind of answers I was and need help dealing with yourself or someone you love who is ADD, then please enter to win this book or go and buy it.  It really helped me.  

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  1. I've been wanting this for my daughter for awhile!

  2. Wow a great post!!! i didnt even know there exists a deficit like this. a great insight and also a great giveaway :)


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