Nov 26, 2016

Cave Tools Chicken Wing and Leg Rack Review

Chicken Wing & Leg Rack
   Cave Tools has done it again!  They have made a great way to cook chicken wings and chicken legs perfectly.  You can easily place 12 legs or wings in the places provided on the rack and BBQ them over the gas or charcoal grill.  We chose to use the charcoal grill because it cooked a little slower and we added hickory to the coals for a great hickory taste.  Cave Tools Chicken Wing and Leg Rack is a great product!

  I love how the legs can hang and cook while also cooking the veggies or whatever you choose to place under them, in the drip pan provided.  The juice from the chicken seasons the food underneath and the pan also keeps the drippings from running over the edge of the pan into the grill.  The product is designed so that it won't tip over and the legs won't fall off.

  The make and design of this rack allows your food to cook thoroughly and well done.  You can also add BBQ sauce to the food they will taste delicious.
  I loved the taste of our chicken.  The  drumsticks were juicy on the inside and crusty on the outside.  The veggies underneath were all very well cooked and very delicious,  I would totally recommend you trying this new Cave Tools product. You also get 25 delicious recipes with the purchase of this rack.
  Purchase this product and other Cave Tools products from their website.

*Thanks to Cave Tools for allowing me to review for them
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product is strictly my own.


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  2. (Cave Tools Chicken Wing and Leg Rack Review) Now this is something that I know my husband would use for grilling out in the warmer summer months.


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