Nov 17, 2016

The USA Elections

  Whew!  It is finally over!  The United States Presidential Election for this year had me sweating with anxiety and checking my blood pressure.  I do not actually think it was so much about who you voted for - but what you voted for.  Every debate was a , "you did this", "you lied about that" discussion instead of what each candidate actually stood for.
  Myself, I am a Republican, but I found myself getting really upset with Mr. Trump over the sexist and down grading words he used against women.  I really like Rosie O'Donnell and could care less if she is fat or gay.  I just know she is a loving mother to all her adopted children.  She gave all those kids a life that most of us only dream of having.  And, she is also very loving and giving to her fans. Rosie has helped many, many people with life changing gifts.  So, my point is whether or not Mr. Trump likes her or not had nothing to do with the election and how he could change America.

  I was never a fan of Mrs. Clinton's.  Knowing all the bad her husband had done when he was our president made me very skeptical, but trusting her after she hid, shredded or deleted all those confidentintal emails left me very concerned.  The Benghazi incident was another horrific happening that never should of been.  Those poor souls who needed and cried out for help, died knowing no one was coming to save them.  This was too much for me to handle.  The final straw that broke the camel's back as they say, was her point of view on late term abortions.  I myself do not believe there is ever a reason for an abortion, definitely could not see the reasoning in pulling a completely formed child from the mother's womb.  For one, every child has a right to live. If my health was at stake then I would choose for my baby to live rather than myself.  This would be God's call, not mine.  Many couples wait to adopt for years and killing your baby could easily have been given to them and it would be alive in a happy home.
  This election was nothing, but he said and she said.  Mr. Trump did state his plans on immigration, but never a plan on how new jobs would come about or how we can make our military strong again. Mrs. Clinton never said a plan one she had, she just disagreed with Mr. Trump's plans.
  I believe the media played to much of a partial role in this election as well.  It was very obvious they were for Clinton.
  Although every answer wasn't there, rumors were spread like wild fire and chances on rigged voting polls were taken, I believe the right candidate won.  So many years of Democratic rule has put our country deeper in the hole and we definitely needed a change,  Whether or not it will happen lies with Mr. Trump.  We as a country can only pray that we have elected a God fearing man that believes in all people whether black, green or white, and that everyone is treated fairly as long as they are a legal citizen.  If they are illegal they need to follow the steps to become legal like millions of people in the early days of this wonderful country fought to do,  Otherwise those people did it the right way all in vain.
  The Eagle and the flag will fly over our wonderful country and we citizens will continue on day after day looking for a better tomorrow no matter who our leader is.  We are the people that trudge on and never waver for our land of the free and home of the brave.


  1. This is very well written. And I couldn't agree with you more!

  2. I agree with all you said!

  3. They have a special show on tonight 11/18/16 (Fox channel, 10 PM EST) about Trump that shows more of his personal side and home life. It was taped back in mid-September and they had also asked Clinton to interview, but she declined. I think they wanted to have both but just went with Trump. The hour-long special is repeated Saturday and Sunday (11/19 & 11/20/16) at 8 pm EST.

  4. Yes, it was a horrible election! I am so glad it's over. I also am praying for our new president elect and hope he can lead our great country.

  5. Even us Canadians were stressed! The election was a worldwide event.


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