May 30, 2017

The BeLOVED Life Pillow Review/Giveaway

  The maker of the BeLOVED Pillows, MiMi Tin, was once bullied as a child and this made her feel unloved, so when she was older she designed pillows with scriptures and words of encouragement  that whomever gets one will know they are loved at all times.
  I love these cute, inspirational pillows.  The pillows also come with a shoulder strap for taking the pillow wherever you want.  There is also a mobile phone holder on the shoulder strap, a bookmark with a inspirational saying on it and a "Shine" tag to share with a friend.
  Here are some of the pillows:

The BeLOVED Life CUPCAKE Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids
The BeLOVED Life CUPCAKE Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids

  The CupCake pillow will encourage and remind you to stay closer to God which is sweeter than a cupcake.

The BeLOVED Life LOVE Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for KidsThe BeLOVED Life LOVE Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids
  This LOVE pillow reminds you that you are loved and that God so loved you that he gave his only son so that we can live.
  Here is a picture of the shoulder strap and accessories:

The BeLOVED Life REFUGE Camo Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids
  You can take these pillows camping, to a friends or grandma's house, on play dates and sleepovers.  I just love these BeLOVED Pillows!  I reviewed the darling orange, robot pillow:
The BeLOVED Life STRENGTH Plush Cushion Travel Pillow for Kids 
  This is the pillow of strength. This cute little guy reminds us that, "We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength."  What a great way to let your little ones know how much they are loved.  Everyone needs and loves pillows, so why not buy one of these BeLOVED Pillows to keep reminding your child, or any special child, of God's love for them and that it never leaves?
  You can purchase these pillows, and there are several different designs, from Christian book stores and the BeLOVED Pillow website.  If you would like to try and win one of these pillows of your choice then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!" rel="nofollow">The Beloved Life Blog Hop Giveaway

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