Aug 4, 2017

"Patterns of Evidence-Exodus" on DVD Review/Giveaway


  I was asked to review a film titled, "Pattern of Evidence - Exodus" from FlyBy promotions and I was very excited to watch this controversial film.
  Timothy Mahoney was raised in church and taught the Bible by this parents, but, one day he found out there was a question being asked by scholars, archaeologists and non-Bible believers, was the story of Exodus really true?  Tim decided this was a subject he was very interested in so he went on a 12 year research and filmed his findings.

 When you watch this movie you will see that Tim leaves the decision up to the viewer, but there are many professionals in this film who believe they are right.  Most all these professionals agree there was an Exodus, but believe the time line is off.  Some say it happened before the time of Ramesee II, while others plainly agree it was after his rule.  You can see the timeline in question as in the picture below:

Image may contain: outdoor

  The book of Exodus tells us that God sent Moses and the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery and we as Christians believe this to the truth.  But, the scholars  have facts that this never happened.  Even though there are facts that incidents such as the story of Jericho  can be proven by remains of the buildings,  the scholars of archaeologists even have to admit some to be true.
  This movie definitely covers both sides of facts and it leaves those who are uncertain  of the truth to wonder.  But, we as Christians believe by faith and we know as Christians that the story of Exodus to be exact as the Bible says.  This story includes powerful interviews with some of the top experts in the fields of archaeology and Egyptology as well as people of influence in the Middle East.
  I would recommend this movie to people who love to study about the Bible and to learn about the history surrounding the Biblical days. 
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  Thanks to FlyBy Productions, my blog is able to offer one free copy of this movie to a lucky reader. Please enter my Rafflecopter for the chance and Good Luck!

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