Nov 29, 2018

Paul Cardall - :"Christmas" CD Review/ Giveaway


  Paul Cardell is a gifted pianist and composer.  Paul has acclaimed 4 #1 hits on the top billboards.  His music will fill you full of peace, comfort and a deep love for this special time of year- Christmas.  That is exactly what the title to Mr. Cardell's new CD is   - "Christmas" and it is amazing!  There are 13 beautifully played and composed songs on this album.

Photo by David Bean
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  Paul's songs will leave you feeling at peace and as if you are riding through the lovely snow covered lanes while singing along to these songs.  Songs such as :"Away In A Manger" and "Joy To The World".  These old time songs take us back to days of grandmothers house, Christmas dinner, the story of the Christ Child and so much more.  "Christmas Past" is one of the songs I could play over and over.  This song is full of much spiritual love!

  Paul is more than a lover of music by playing and composing, he is also a speaker for congenital heart disease.  When he was 35 he was diagnosed with CHD.  Paul needed a new heart, and he received one.  Paul speaks to colleges about young people who have congenital heart disease, or CHD, and he helps them receive scholarships.
  I believe Paul Cardall puts all his heart of love into every song he composes and plays.  I love this new Christmas album and it will have you feeling warm and like singing right along with these amazing songs.
   I am offering this CD to one lucky winner of my Rafflecopter so you need to hurry and enter so I can get this in the mail for you to enjoy before Christmas arrives.  It also makes the perfect music for your family gatherings or office parties. So, hurry, hurry and enter!  Good Luck!

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  1. I do not know of too many gospel singers really. I tune into different radio stations when I am in my car and listen that way.


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