Jan 9, 2019

Cowboy Wisdom Book Review/Giveaway

 The Era of great Cowboy wisdom may seem gone, but some of its words live forever in this collection of  200+ quotes, jokes, wise words and humor of the book, "Cowboy Wisdom" by Gerd De Ley.
  Some of these words written in the book come from John Wayne, Gene Autry and Will Rodgers.  One of my favorite sayings is : "Never play cards with a man called Doc" by Nelson Algren.  Well, we all know that's true.   Will Rodgers gave the advice to "Never Kick a cow chip on a hot day." This makes great sense.

  Cowboys are something some people look up to and their ways are sort of ideal to many.  This small book is the perfect coffee table book or collectible for lovers of  cowboy ways everywhere.  I placed mine on my hearth with my other western collections.  I've had many people come in my home and pick up the book and laugh at some of the sayings.  Everyone has committed on what a unique and heartwarming book it is.
  "Cowboy Wisdom" is a hard back book published by Penguin Random House.
  I would love to see one of my lucky readers win a copy of this book, "Cowboy Wisdom.
Just enter my rafflecopter below and good luck!

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