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Sep 1, 2012

The Happy Kid Co. Fortamajig review/giveaway


  Do you remember taking your mom's sheets and blankets and draping them over a couple of kitchen chairs and WAM! you had your own very special fort?  I know my children were constantly building forts and now I have grandchildren who are doing the same thing.  Forts are special places for children to hide in, and imagine in, and even sleep in.  
  I was so excited to review a Fortamajig from The Happy Kid Co.
 Fortamajig is an 8x8-foot square of durable material with a built-in window and door. It is also machine washable and waterproof. The Fortamajig comes in a single color/single layer version and a double layer/reversible color version. Kids can make a custom play spaces by attaching the built in stretchy loops to chair backs, stair rails, doorknobs, tree branches... you name it!

 I love that this awesome play fort has no loose pieces to lose and there are no parts to break.  Children just need imagination to build a fun play Fortamajig.
Watch as these children put together their fort:

  I have a grandson that is ADHD so I was extra happy when I read about the Fortamajig and how it helps children with this kind of problem.  The Happy Kid Company Fortamajig products help to create a safe, familiar environment that provides sensory relief. Children having been diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, autism, or other special needs often benefit from a safe, relaxing, solitary space of their own—which Fortamajigs provide. Children with special needs often rely on the safety and security of the familiar to relax and calm them. Providing spaces for kids who require sensory relief from over stimulation can prove challenging, unless you have a portable Fortamajig.
  I believe you will love this play fort as much as my grandchildren and I do.  I recommend every home, that has children, own a Fortamajig. Also great for homeschools, regular school rooms and day cares.  Help bring back good ol' imaginary play to your children by purchasing one today.

  If you would like to try and win a Fortamajig then enter my Rafflecopter below. Good Luck! 

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