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Aug 31, 2012

Candy Galaxy review


Candy Galaxy is an online candy store. This store carries every type of candy from Hershey's to Gummies.  I was allowed to review for this awesome candy company and was I ever excited!
My daughter and I make, and sell, candy bouquets at Homecoming and we  use a lot of candy to fill up the baskets.  Now that I have reviewed for this candy company I will be buying from them.  It is so much cheaper to buy candy in bulk than it is to buy it piece by piece.
For example : 1 Pound of Tootsie Pop Suckers are only $2.99 from Candy Galaxy.  This is a bunch of suckers for that price. If you were to purchase the suckers individually, one sucker would cost around $.60, therefore you would only be able to buy 5 suckers at the same price as 1 pound from Candy Galaxy.  What a huge savings! 

I reviewed the Sweet Salt Water Buttered Popcorn Taffy.  It is delicious!  If you are interested in buying this wonderful tasting candy from Candy Galaxy it will cost you $3.29 for a pound.
I also reviewed the Banana flavored Laffy Taffy.  This comes as a 24 count Tub of 145 pieces for $13.99  A very super price!

Candy Galaxy also sells candy in groups of colors.  You may be doing a birthday party and need all red candy, well then look no where else because they have several types in many,many colors.
I also love the candy that comes in the glass jars.  Adorable jars full of candy and they sell for the low price of $5.99
They also sell candy in tins and boxes.

Why not buy your holiday candy from Candy Galaxy?  They have specialty candy for every holiday.  For Halloween there are several kinds such as the Crazy Candy Mix for $3.99  For Christmas they sell assorted candy in gift baskets and tins.

Candy Galaxy would be the perfect place to buy all the candy you would need for any type of party.  It would also be perfect for stocking up your concession stands.  There are so many places and occasions that this candy would come in handy for. You will save yourself a bunch of money when you buy through bulk with Candy Galaxy.

I was very pleased with the candy I reviewed from Candy Galaxy and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.  Great assortment of candy at great prices.

Thanks to Candy Galaxy for allowing me to review for them.
I was not monetarily compensated for doing this review.
The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
I received these products for review purposes only.

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