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Jan 18, 2013

CraftCuts $30 Gift Certificate review/giveaway

CraftCuts  $30 Gift Certificate

  CraftCuts is a division of Woodland Manufacturing Inc.  Their specialty is craft lettering and shapes, small Greek letters, custom stencils, and decorative vinyl signs. Their machines have the ability to cut any vector artwork out of wood, metal, plastic or vinyl, lending unlimited possibilities to produce creative products for creative people. 
  I reviewed for CraftCuts and choosing a product to review was very hard because they have so many gorgeous wood products and other crafts.  I finally decided on the painted wooden letters.  I chose to get my grandson's name - BRICE.  I also like the letters that were connected.  Here is a picture of the name:

Painted connected wood letters make installation of a favorite word or saying fast and simple.  Their hand painted wall letters can be connected either by letter or by baseline.   Letter connect gathers all the lettering in a word close together so they touch and become one piece.   Baseline connect keeps the lettering properly spaced apart within a word and a line attaches all letters.  Their wooden letters are hand painted with an indoor-rated matte acrylic paint on the sides and the face but not the back.  Their  hand painted letters are easy to hang and lots of grandparents order these to make a grandchild feel at home when visiting.  To prevent flimsiness in the connected wood lettering, they suggest ordering at least a ¼ inch thickness.

Here is the letters hanging on the wall:
I was so excited to see these letters - I love the look of them and this Tangerine color matches all of Brice's Texas Longhorn decorations.

CraftCuts sells Wall Stencils, Unpainted Wood and Painted Wood Letters and Shapes, Craft Kits and so much more.  You have to visit CraftCuts to see all the beautiful and creative items they have.   
When you order from CraftCuts and you decide to order the wooden letters all you have to do is choose the type of lettering you want, the font, the size of thickness and the color you want it painted.  It's that simple.   When you place your order you can expect your product to arrive within a very reasonable amount of time.  I got my order within 7 work days.
I definitely recommend this shop and their connected wooden letters.  The name is beautifully written and painted.  The work is very high quality.
If you would like to look around and maybe purchase something from CraftCuts then please visit their online website.

If you would like to try and win a $30 Gift Certificate to choose whatever you like from CraftCuts then enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!!

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