Jun 20, 2016

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood on iPhone or iPad Review w/Free Download

  Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood originates from Prokofiev's 1936 children’s classic and it has been re-done by a children's classical orchestra and the story goes along with the music.  I was asked to review this excellant musical story and then to hold a party in honor of the movie.  I must say I have never really listened to classical music before this review and now I know I have been missing out on excellant music and the perfect way to tell a story.
 The story begins when Peter moves from Russia to live with his hippie grandfather who is a gardner to a famous celebrity in Hollywood. The music will guide you along as Peter meets his grandfather and is sort of taken back at his appearance.  This story and most of the voices are read by rock and roll singer -Alice Cooper.

  Peter comes from a very small home and he is amazed at his grandfathers bungaloo which has an upstairs ready for Peter.  As Peter settles in he becomes friends with a duck and a cat.  Peter's grandfather raises ducks.  Next door to grandfather's house is the home of the celebrity and in the back of their home is a huge garden with a beautiful swimming pool.  Grandfather tells Peter not to enter the gate and never to go inside the garden.
  One day after being there for awhile, Peter still hasn't made any friends at school, but he does have the animals to talk to.  Walking home from school Peter wonders if grandfather had remembered today was his birthday and of course he did, he even made Peter a birthday cake.  Suddenly across the radio comes the news that a wolf has excaped the zoo! Everyone is now scared.  Peter isn't scared because he had been around wolves all his life in Russia. The music gets very strong and alluring as the news of the wolf is found out.
  The next day the wolf comes to grandfather's house and eats all of the ducks except for Peter's duck friend.  Peter knows he has to try and capture this wolf.  As he heads to an abandoned lot with an old warehouse that contained robot parts, Peter sets out to build a robot and he did and it was 50 ft. tall.  Suddenly, Peter (the music becomes tense) feels a prescence and there it is--the wolf.  They both see each other and make eye contact.  Off the wolf runs.  Peter continues on with the robot hunting down the wolf, but things dont go to well. Peter runs into buildings, cars and airplanes. The robot crashes to the ground and that is that. No robot help.
  One day Peter decides he wants to go into the swimming pool next door and he enters the gate, leaving it open.  Granfather sees Peter and scolds him saying it is to dangerous in the garden the wolf could be there and he takes Peter home. As Peter sets and looks out the window he sees the wolf is there and his duck friend was swimming and the wolf caught him and gobbled the duck up.  (Music gets stronger) Peter decides that's it- he has to catch that wolf.  In a nearby tree on 2 limbs are the cat and a bird, friends of Peters. Peter gets a rope and as the bird helps lear the wolf closer to Peter who is now on a tree limb, Peter throws the rope around the wolf's tail and captures him.  Peter then ties the rope to a tree and as the wolf pulls away the rope tightens even more - he is caught!
  Peter and the cat become heroes and the paparatzzi takes a lot of pictures.  Peter is now popular and the wolf is back in the zoo!
  If you children have never been introduced to classical music then this story is the way to do it.  They will love the high tempo at scary moments and the soft, sweet sounds of the nature.  Visit this site and download the app.  My children loved it and want to listen to it over and over. I bet yours will as well.  If you are a teacher, this is a great way to introduce classical music to a newly re-done classic tale.  I would love it if you would help spread the word about Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood.  Follow on Twitter and visit them on Facebook. Thanks!
* I received this product and party supplies to write a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for writing this review, although I did receive a small gift for participating.
*This review is part of a promotional program with MomSelect

  Here are pics from our very own Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood party.  We had coloring contests, ate popcorn and had blue drinks with little umbrellas, and played a game to get pins to wear. Of course everyone wantedto be the wolf. I also printed out recipes from the kit and every child got a poster.
 Even adults joined in.  We had a blast!  Thanks MomSelect.

Racing to color the best picture of Peter.

 Enjoying our good snacks, coloring and listening to the story.

Adults helping their kids at the party.

So happy to win the Wolf pin!

More adults joining in on the fun.                                                       
They love the posters and getting to color.

    We had a great time today as we listened to the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood.  Everything was supplied by MomSelect for this fun time.  This was a great story with exciting music!  All the kids loved it!  #PeterandtheWolfApp

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