Jun 17, 2016

Sorrow's Joy -- A Book from a Personal Story During the Battle of Gettysburg Review/Giveaway

  It is the Summer of 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Samuel was a boy who had to work for grumpy, old Mr. Pierce as a delivery boy.  Samuel lived with his mother, sister Jennie and 2 brothers.  Money was tight since their dad was in a mental home and Samuel had to work to help make ends meet.  Jennie had been taking care of the home since their sister Georgia was due to give birth at any time and mother had to stay with her to help her out until the baby was born.
 Word began to circulate that the war was on its way to Gettysburg and people were beginning to worry and move.  Samuel had already seen his brother-in-law leave with the Union and Jenny's fiance had joined the Confederacy.  Samuel missed these men badly, but Jenny missed her fiance very much.  She would sit and stare out the windows to watch for him to come home.
  Eventually, Samuel's family had to take in boarders to help with money matters.  The boarders were a woman and her ill son.  The ill son took up as a good friend to Samuel's little brother.

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  One morning Samuel's family woke up to massive gun fire.  Jennie began to bake bread and feed the hungry soldiers and she would bring water to the thirsty soldiers. One day Jennie helped a dieing soldier get better.  She sent a letter by the soldier in case he saw her fiance.
 Everyday the war raged on and Jennie tended to the wounded soldiers.  John, told his family he was going to enlist in the Union army as a bugler.  Samuel was sad again.
  Samuel's family had to move out to his sister, Georgia's house, because their house was in a dangerous area. 
 Samuel once saw a little boy he had befriended getting ready to leave Gettysburg because of the war.  This little boy was named Jeremiah and he had been a slave along with his family and he had told Samuel how it was to be a slave.  It wasn't fun and it was very hard work.  On this day Jeremiah's dad felt they better leave and head South until things were back to normal.  Samuel again lost another friend.
  Samuel once asked Jennie how she could keep up the work she did and still have hope and she said that with sorrow came joy.  Jennie never stopped baking bread for the soldiers and she carried it out to them even as the war raged on.
  One morning the gunfire was very close and Samuel and his family tried to lay low for safety.  Except for Jennie, she continued to bake bread.  All of a sudden a shot rang out and they heard a thud in the kitchen, as they ran to check there lay Jennie on the kitchen floor, she was dead.
  Samuel was devastated.  He had lost his best friend, and his sister he loved dearly.  Never to marry  her love.  The soldiers carried her to the basement of Georgia's home until the war ended and they could give her a burial.  
  Soon, they war did end.  Brother John never returned, he had lost his life for his country.
  There was a celebration in Gettysburg to honor soldiers and to honor Jennie for her work with the soldiers.  This celebration was being held by President Abraham Lincoln and Georgia excepted the honor for her sister Jennie.

  I loved this book, it is perfect for homeschooling lesson plans.  This is a true story about one of the bloodiest wars to ever be held on US soil.  Jennie was a hero for all she did for ALL soldiers, Union or Confederate and I believe it would be a great lesson in your History lesson plans. I myself just enjoyed reading this book.  I love History and hearing a good, true story is really a great lesson for all children.
  You can purchase this book on Amazon.com and I believe Barnes & Nobles sells it as well.
  Please buy this book and included it in part of your lesson plans.  Ages 8 and up should be able to read it very well.
  If you would like to win this book, Sorrow's Joy then please enter my giveaway.  I know you will enjoy this paperback of only 102 pages.

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