Jun 27, 2016

Water Wipes @ Walmart Review/ Giveaway

   How many times have you used a wipe on your baby's bottom or face and it would start turning red?  My kids all have sensitive skins and this has happened many times.  I had a few moms come over for coffee and we all discussed this happening to our children.  I gave all the moms a package of  Water Wipes and let them try a package for a week.  Every mom came back and said how they loved Water Wipes!  Each one said there was no redness, rash or irritated skins on their children.

   Water Wipes is a premium European wipe, the only chemical free wipe for babies faces, bottom or all messes they need cleaned up for.  When a newborn baby is born you really have to use precaution on cleaning  their bodies.  This is because their skin is so new  and very thin, also you as a parent have no idea what they can be allergic to.  Water Wipes is made of only 99.99% water and 0.1 % Grapefruit seed extract. The Grapefruit seed extract is a natural skin conditioner and is perfect for sensitive skin. There is no chlorine or bleach in Water Wipes.
  Water Wipes suggest you not put these wipes in a warmer because, they can become dried out.  If your wipes do begin to dry out, just turn the package over and massage the wipes in the package for a few minutes and this will distribute the water back into all the wipes.
  Water Wipes come in 60 ct., 240 ct., & 540 ct.  You can choose whichever size fits your need.
  You can purchase Water Wipes all across the U.S in Walmart.  I highly recommend every parent purchasing Water Wipes on their new babies.  It really isn't worth having your precious, new baby's skin become red and burning, so why not try Water Wipes and know this can be completely prevented.
  Parents magazine highly recommend Water Wipes:

  If you would like to try a package of Water Wipes then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

  *I received WaterWipes to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own

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