Jun 28, 2016

Farm Day Book Review Win 4 Books for Children Giveaway

    Farm Day is a  darling book by Tina Marie Kaht.  This book is all about the animals you may find on a farm.  The story begins with a little boy and girl that begin their day watching all kinds of animals and listening to the sounds they make.  There are chickens and baby chicks that say, "cluck,cluck,cluck" and a rooster who can wake you up with a "cock-a-doodle-doo".  There is a cat that chases a mouse, a dog that chases the cat, a mother duck and her 3 little ducklings that waddle, waddle, waddle and say "quack,quack, quack".  There are other farm animals all beautifully designed by Hatice Bayramoglu.
  As you read these pages help your children find little hidden animals.  At the end of the day, the children say their prayers and lay down for the night.  You can see them dreaming of flying to the moon in their dreams.

   My grandson, Brinner, loves reading Farm Day.  Brinner loves the cute pictures and different animals.
  Farm Day is such a fun book.  I loved it and so did my grandsons.  I believe you would need to be at least age 7 to read it, but any age to love having it read to you.
  What makes this book even more fun is that half the book is pages you can color and draw in different animals.  One page even shows you how easy it is to draw certain animals.  This book even tells about Metamorphosis and Photosynthesis.  There is even a website listed to visit if you would like to check out free Science projects.
  All-in-all, Farm Day is a great book and the pictures are so bright and fun.  I would highly recommend everyone buy this book and to also check out the other 3 delightful books by Tina Marie Kaht:
Dress Up Day, Zoo Day & Grandparents Day.  Any of these 4 books can be found on Amazon.com.
Dress Up Day (Day Series by T. M. Kaht Book 1) Zoo Day (Day Series by T.M. Kaht)Grandparents' Day (Day Series by T. M. Kaht Book 2)
  One of my lucky readers will win all 4 books mentioned above by Tina Marie Kaht.  Just enter my Rafflecopter and Good Luck!


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