Jul 29, 2016

The Global Immersion Project - The E-Course Developing UnCommon Friendships a Practical Guide

   Wouldn't it be amazing if all the "other" people, whos ways you really didn't understand, could become your friend?  In today's world, we are afraid to reach out to our Muslim, Buddist, or other "different religious" neighbors.  Why? Jesus Christ welcomed the outsiders.  He showed us through his actions to move forward towards those who we consider "others."
   The Global Immersion Project is offering anyone a 5 week E-Course about developing uncommon friendships.  I was able to review this course and I loved it!  Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart are the co- founders of TGIP and they will help you learn how to develop a guide to make friends with those uncommon to us.
   This 5 week course contains the 3 tools that will have you becoming the everyday peacemaker. Watch this introductory video below:
  href="https://vimeo.com/168412383">Developing Uncommon Friendships: Welcome from
The Global Immersion Project on href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo.

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  What do you get?
o Five weeks of content, each containing 3 practical tools that will equip you as an Everyday
o Lifetime access allows you to begin the course at any time, and move through the content
at your own pace.
o Unique theological teaching on neighbor love and enemy love that will invite you into a
transformative life of discipleship.
o A curriculum packet designed to guide you through the experience complete with
reflection questions, Everyday Peacemaking practices, and content appropriate for all
levels of training.

   Jesus showed us how to look and listen to "others".  For one example- the woman at the well.  Now, she was a Symarian which was considered low life people, plus she was a woman that had been married several times and this made her the worst of the worst, but Jesus wanted to set and listen to her reasons for being this way.  He saw her, listened to her and formed a friendship with her as he forgave her and sent her on her way to sin no more.  The woman also listened to Jesus and understood his ways.

  This course is perfect for the world today when we all need to be listening and seeing others as Christ would want us to.  Making peace would sure make life on this Earth a lot easier.  I recommend this course for groups of ones in your neighborhood who want to learn about their brothers and live together in peace, church groups who want to find a common ground with the different culture church nearby, and even our co- workers we have never spoken to, because we are "different".
   This 5 week course normally runs for $35, but right now you can purchase it here for $5 off. (Simply submit the word "blog" as the password and you can log in while saving $5 )I promise you will come out of this course with a bigger heart than you went in with.  Our God made us all in his own image, so somehow there has to be a equal spot to begin being as he wants us to be. So, please give it a try, I know you will truly see people and life differently once you finish the course.
   God Bless you and I pray you enjoy this E-Course and move forward after it.  

 *I was allowed to participate in this E-Course free of charge in exchange of writing a free, honest review.
 *The opinions of this program are my own.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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