Aug 2, 2016

Matthew Santoro Mind Blown Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious Insane World Book Review/ Giveaway

Mind = Blown

    Have you ever seen Matthew Santoro on YouTube?  You really need to listen to him or read this amazing book because he has some mind blowing facts about people, places and things that will  take your breath away.  Matthew Santoro won the 2015 Shorty Awards, “YouTube Star of the Year,” along with the 2015 Hubub #AcademySocialAward.

   In this book, "Mind Blown Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious Insane World", you will read fun, amazing facts such as:  When a Queen Bee is to old to run the colony the worker bees huddle up around her, sqashing her to death,  This is called, "Cuddle Death."  Did you know Cows are the oldest currency in the world?  How about when JFK bought 12,000 Cuban Cigars right before he signed an embargo making it illegal for anyone to buy Cuban products.
   I love the following list of facts -
 * In 1919 , Walt Disney was fired from his job at the Kansas City Star because the  editor didn't think he had any imagination and he lacked any good  ideas.
*Elvis Presley failed only 1 class in High School-----Music Class!
*Hershey makes 1 million miles of Twizzlers every year.
*There are more fake Flamingos in the world than real Flamigos!

  Watch the YouTube video below to learn more  facts in the book:
  With the fun facts you can amaze friends at parties and even let your children believe you are super smart.  I love facts like these that will amaze myself and others because learning all these things are fun to know.
   Check out Matthew Santoro's  YouTube page here.  You can purchase this book from Penguin Random House in paperback or e-book.  This book is 256 pages long and sells for $15.00 and is available August 9, 2016 for sale.
   If you would like to try and win this book then please enter my Rafflecopter below.  I would definitely recommend this book for good-to-know facts that are so fun.


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