Aug 4, 2016

"Gibby" A Movie about A Girl and a Monkey Review/Giveaway

  Katie is a young girl who used to love gymnastics, school and her friends - until she lost her mom, now Katie doesn't have much interest in anything.  At school there is a group of girls, one of them is really mean and out to beat Katie at everything.
 One day Katie's Science teacher asks the class if their is someone who would like to monkeysit her Capuchin Monkey, "Gibby".  Gibby is actually in real life Crystal the Monkey and she has played in movies such as, "Night At The Museum."  Katie decides to give it a go so she is given the job for the summer.

  Katie just thought her life was a mess, until Gibby.  Gibby is into everything. But, Gibby is full of life and she does help Katie want to get back into gymnastics and Katie also has met a boy that the mean girl is trying to make her jealous with.  With the help of Gibby, Katie wins the boyfriend and renews her friendships and succeeds at her gymnastics competition.

   Gibby really helps Katie get her zest for life back and this little monkey is exactly what Katie needed in her life.
   "Gibby" is a fun and heart warming story that your children are sure to love.  This movie runs 86 minutes and comes in color on one disc.  It is not yet rated, but I would say PG13 because there is a kissing scene.  You can purchase "Gibby" on Kids!Shout Factory for $13.98.  It was just released 8/2/16  I highly recommend this movie.  My 13 year old grandaughter loved it! I feel like your family, ages 13+ would also like it.
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