Aug 21, 2016

Back To School Lunches with Jennie - O Turkey Products Review/ Coupon Giveaway



  Well, it is Back - To - School time and if your kids are like mine, they will not eat the school cafeteria food, so that means making lunches from home.  I don't mind doing this, but I run out of ideas and the kids get really burnt out on sandwiches and lunchables.  This is where Jennie - O comes in handy.  Turkey meat is so tasty, has less sodium and 65% less fat than beef.  Look below at some of the lunch suggestions using Jennie - O turkey meat:

Fun-n-Fast Lunchbox

  Turkey has a lot of protein, so this means your child stays fuller longer.  Jennie - O has many meat products such as bacon, lunch meat, ground meat, hot dogs, brats and more.  Just replace any other meat with Jennie - O  turkey and your meals will be just as delicious, if not more so.

Lean Ground Turkey 

Miami Street-Style Turkey Tacos
   You can buy Jennie - O turkey products in most every grocer and at your local Wal- Mart.  It is really easy to switch from other meats to turkey in all your meaty recipes today.  I really love the taste of Jennie - O turkey meat and I use it in most all my recipes.
   If you are looking was easy, nutricious recipes for your families meals, check out the recipe section of this Jennie - O website. 
  I really love these Jennie - O  products and they, and my blog, would love to give away (4) $5 coupons.  This should buy most every product, or at least nearly every product.  $5 off is a good coupon, so why not enter my Rafflecopter  today and maybe you will be one of my 4 lucky winners.  Good Luck.

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