Aug 20, 2016 Review

  I have found a remarkable place to buy your glasses --  This company helps the needy because there are 1.1 billion people who do not have access to eye exams or glasses, so when you buy from they will donate a pair to those in need.
  This wonderful company is fighting to help end the global vision crisis. At the employee travels the globe to provide glasses to underserved communities.  They work with an independent, non-profit organization named-OneSight.  Together these 2 companies staff charitable clinics and help build infrastructures so that people will have a chance to go to these buildings for vision testing and to get their glasses.

  By donating these glasses, students can be twice as effective in school, employees will be 35% more productive and earn up to 20% per year.  
  Volunteers help select the frames for those needing the glasses, their prescriptions are filled that same day and frames are fitted.  After the lens are made, everyone walks out with a new pair of glasses and a brighter look for the future.
  Please visit and buy a pair of glasses and you will receive an email acknowledging your participation in the OneSight program.  Please share the "double donation" on your social sights and the link via email.  This is so very important for you to do so that others can benefit by your help.
  #ShareYourSight #ad #glassesforneedy #buy1give1

*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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