Sep 16, 2016

"2 Chairs" aBook by Bob Beaudine Review/Giveaway

Photo published for Always Start Your Day With 2 Chairs

  In today's world, there are trouble's everywhere.  Loss, unemployment, sickness and many more.  Well, 40 years ago, Bob Beaudine's mother came to him and told him that he would always have troubles and bad times, but if he would set up 2 chairs everyday and take time to visit with God and discuss the day, things would be better.
  The first time Bob set the chairs up, he was wondering where to begin?  What to say?  But, after beginning the ritual, Bob began to understand exactly what his mom meant.
  Watch this video below to understand about the book, "2 Chairs":

  You see, God knows before you ever can imagine what will happen to you.  You just need to listen to him.  Set those 2 chairs up and let God talk to you, it's what he wants to do.
  Imagine if you spoke quietly and emotionally - EVERYDAY - to God,  how that would feel.  If you started the day with his words of wisdom, wouldn't you feel better?  Just remember sometimes everything isn't fixed at once and we have to understand something's God wants us to learn from experiences, good and bad.  But, if you will set up those 2 chairs and begin a one on one relationship with your maker - you will get there and feel like a better person.

  This book is changing lives everywhere.  Please read this book, I know you will feel different.
You can purchase this book on and  Barnes & Nobles and if you would like to try and win this book then please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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