Oct 12, 2016

"The Blessings of Unity" a Book About Marriage Review/Giveaway

   "The Blessings of Unity" is a book written by Richard T. Case.  Mr. Case wrote this book after he and his wife, decided they were being led to help others that were living their marriages in  mediocrity, having  on-going conflicts, and certainly not enjoying the beauty of the institution of marriage.
  One reason we fall away from having God in our marriage is we actually separate ourselves from the life of Christ.  We fall from grace which means joy, sweetness, charm, goodwill and favor.  We will lose the favor of God and suffer the consequences of living a world outside the protection and favor of God.
  Richard and Linda began their own years of division from God after they moved to Long Beach and Richard began his career.  Linda was home with a new born baby girl and Richard was always at work.  He worked 6 days a week  - 10 to 12 hours a day - including the long California commute.

   Richard rarely saw his baby girl and he spent very little time with Linda.  Both, Linda and Richard had strong personalities, but Richards was stronger and Linda was always losing the arguments because Richard never gave in.  Their marriage was in trouble.  One night, they received visitors from the Methodists Church that told them they needed to know everyone has sinned but we must remember Christ gave himself for our sins on the cross that day.  Richard and his wife got down on their knees and asked Christ to save them.  Soon they were called to work with a Bible Study group to see what God had in store for the.  Before they knew it many people were coming.  But, like many people , the Case's began to fall away.  As a result of self-centeredness they stop praying.
  Together Linda and Richard went through bankruptcy and a lot of problems.  But, through Biblical teachings, this couple learns about walking in unity together as one with God.  The spiritual cord does not need to be broken between the married couple and the Lord.
  In this book you will take a quiz, each of you to see the unity you have together and what you need to work on.  God promises us blessings just by coming together in unity.  God hates division and so much that he calls it an abomination.  Division is caused by our natural selfishness.  This is when we want our own way and convince others to join us.
  God wants us each to be in Unity, to walk in the Spirit, to abide in the Vine. in light always pursuing the truth ,and in wisdom. always seeking his will, not ours.  Be sure to pray - this is the best way to receive God's word.
  Richard and Linda travel the country teaching and counseling couples and speaking about how couples can keep God's best unity together, just by becoming 3 instead of 1 and his promises of blessings as told in Psalms 133 will be received.
   I love this book and it is something I really want my husband and I to share to learn how and where to begin our unity with God.  I know it is now, but I have to convince my husband.  I can't wait to see the blessings coming our way soon.  This book would be perfect for a young married class so these couples can get on board as God commanded.  Great to give as a wedding gift too.
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