Jan 25, 2017

CandleMart.com $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway/Review

ended: Winner S.Sanderson
Aromabeads Singles Mini Wax Melts
  I love candles and I was so excited to review for CandleMart by Hanna's!  This awesome company has candles in a jar, melts, pillar candles and my favorite - Aromabeads.   I love the variety of scents CandleMart sells.  They have a Hershey's scent, Jolly Rancher scents, Natural Soy scents and scents by TimberWick.

  CandleMart allowed me to choose $20 worth of their candles and accessories.  I was so surprised at how many items I was able to get for $20.  This company has very amazing prices.  Below is a picture of what all I chose:

  I chose the simply divine scent of  Vanilla Brulee in the Timberwick 9.25 oz.  It burns for appr. 60-70 hours, has a crackling sound when lit and the great part is  - it is made in the USA.  I love this scent!  It makes your home feel cozy and warm.
  I chose 2 of the Armoscent Singles in Butter Cookie!  Just add these to the top of your warmer.  The butter cookie smells good enough to eat!  That is another wonderful thing about CandleMart by Hannas candles - they are 5 times stronger than your average candle.  The scent lasts for days.
  I also bought the Hot Apple Cider Wax Melts and the Candy Crush Valentine's Triple Pour Melts. There are 12 individual squares for your warmer.  I use 3 at a time so you can change 1 package out 4 times for the super low price of only $2.49!
  I have indeed found my newest addiction.  No more having to order from a party at expensive prices and no more cheap made, none lasting scents from the local store.  You really must check out CandleMart by Hanna's candles.  Where else can you find candles like the one's below?

HERSHEY'S Almond Joy Scented Aromabeads Canister Candle - Candlemart.com 

   I definitely know you will fall in love with this company.  They have bargain melts for only $1.00 and candles at half price.   Please visit and get your home smelly  Oh! So Yummy! with CandleMart by Hanna's.
  One lucky reader of mine has the chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate like I did just by entering my Rafflecopter and taking a chance to win.  You will be glad you did!
  *Right the Valentine's Collection of deliciousness is 20% off so hurry and get some.

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