Feb 14, 2017

Baked Lemon Chicken --It's Whats for Supper Tonight Review

  Well, the Anderson will be having this delicious Lemon Baked Chicken for dinner tonight. The recipe is easy.  Just mix 1 whole lemon squeezed and seeds removed to 1 cup of olive oil.  Mix in basil, chopped finally and leaving the skin on, marinate this chicken over night.
   I spray my ceramic pan with butter flavored Pam and arrange the chicken in the dish. Pepper both sides of the chicken and add a little bit of garlic salt.   Pour remaining marinade over chicken and place in the oven @400 degrees  and cook until juices run clear. 

  This lemom garlic chicken is absolutely delicious.  I loved the crispy skin on this chicken and the lemon adds just enough flavor to keep it moist and dilicious.
  I also baked loaded baked potatoes to complete this dinner,  These were easy.  Rub  your potatoes with olive oil and bake at 470 degrees  Then cut the potatoes down the middle when the  potatoes are soft.  Add cheese, bacon, sour cream and enjoy.

 This is 2 of my favorite meals.  So easy to bake and they will fill you up very fast.

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