Feb 22, 2017

Rube Goldberg - The Fly Trap Challenge Stem Toys Review

   I recently reviewed another Stem toy from Rube Goldbergit was The Fly Trap Challenge.  This is another unique game of stradegy.  The kids build and rebuild to get it right and this is part of the fun about this game.
  I homeschool and my 8 year olds loved this game.  The unique little characters make this game so fun and exciting.  The part of  this game working into our lessons was how the chain of reactions occur and  they can also understand how gravity works.

  The parts are plastic and can be used over and over again.  This game uses a toy frog, celery sick, a spoon, a fly, a fork, a piece of "stinky cheese" - which isn't really stinky, and contraptions  to make it all come together.
  The broad of interest is great, the ease of use is good, but this depends on the age.  A 10 year old can put it together easier than a 8 year old.  The length of play is 15- 20 minutes .
  I recommend this game for children who really love to use their mind and watch what they build come together.  All Rube Goldberg toys work together and create the same outcome.  Fun for all and learning together is the main part of this game.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  The price is very reasonable and you can purchase it at Target.

I received this as a product tester
I received this playset for free for review from Spin Master. 
Thank you Spin Master for letting us try the The Fly Trap Challenge Rube Goldberg playset

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