Feb 21, 2017

"The Student Body " on DVD Review/Giveaway

   We live in a country where bullying has been addressed by parents, schools and the media.  We just elected a president who's wife is expected to take a stand on bullying across our nation.  But, with all this talk and "supposed" help to stop bullying, what would you do if your child's school sent home at letter stating that because of their BMI - (Body Mass Index) they were too fat?  BMI is the measurement of one's body mass which actually people like school officials are not able to tell the difference between fat mass and muscle mass and this ends up putting perfectly healthy children to be registered as fat.  The worse part is this "fat letter" which was sent to the schools is coming directly from our United States Government.  
   I received a movie to review from EdifyMovies titled, "The Student Body" and it is amazing.  A story of guts and determination!

  When Bailey Webber, a high school journalist student, reacts to this letter she truly reacts.  Bailey and her friend decide to take this issue to Capital Hill and try to get this thrown out.  How can the government tell kindergarten students they are fat?  They do it - and then children begin to have an epidemic of low self-steam.  When the children are weighed, they are weighed in front of their peers. How embarrassing would that be?  Bailey tells senators this can lead to horrible consequences with kids and that it is truly a form of "bullying".  Bailey and her friend don't give up.  They even ask the senators to stand on the scales and weigh themselves, but no one will.  
  This is a true story and a fight for children by children.  I loved this movie and I love the stand these girls take for themselves and others.  It really opens your eyes to just how much our own government is trying to tell us about how to live our lives.  These girls fought for everyone"s rights and I hope this sets an example for more people to do the same.  10 stars out of 10 for this amazing, eye -opening movie!
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