Feb 21, 2017

Rube Goldberg The Acrobat Challenge Stem Toy Review

  The Acrobat Challenge by Rube Goldberg is a new toy I bought for my 10 year old at Target the other day.  This type of toy is quite different from the usual cars, puzzles or games we buy, but it caught our eye and looked very fun.
  My son loves to build and I felt this would be great for his imagination - and it was.  It took him a little while to build it, but that was part of the fun.  After he got it built he played with it for about an hour.  Every time someone comes over to our house he has to get this out and show it to them.

  The object of this game is to use gravity while getting something to fly.  After you build it just test it and you will be amazed at how you get at the chain reaction of how you can trigger the acrobat to fly out of the cannon after a series of events.
  Rube Goldberg makes toys that get a child's mind to work.  We have used this game during homeschool when we studied about gravity and chain reactions in Science.  The games they make definitely stimulate the mind.
  I give this game 5 stars and it needs no batteries to play. All parts are plastic and metal.  You can purchase it at Target for a very reasonable price of only $14.99
 This game comes with:
  1 Base, 1 Flag Pole, 1 Monkey, 1 Snake, 3 Pole Braces, 4 Poles, 1 Seesaw Base, 2 Helping Hands, 1 Ramp, 1 Wagon, 1 Seesaw Ramp, 1 Cannon, 1 Racket Pole, 1 Flaming Hoop, 1 Acrobat Rube, 1 Peanuts, 1 Basketball, 1 Circus Ball, 1 Tightrope, 2 Support Bars, 1 Instruction Guide

*I received this product for review purposes
*This was a sponsored review
*All opinions of this product are 100% my own
I received this as a product tester
I received this playset for free for review from Spin Master. 

Thank you Spin Master for letting us try the The Fly Trap Challenge Rube Goldberg playset

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