Apr 3, 2017

"Gifted" the Movie Review with Giveaway for Selected Items Shown Below


  "Gifted" is the new movie out that stars, Chris Evans and McKenna Grace.  Frank, (Chris Evans), is a single man raising a child prodigy-his young niece Mary, (McKenna Grace), in a small coastal town in Florida.  
  This movie is due out on April 7th at your local theaters.
   I received a gift pack with some really awesome gifts that associate with the film.  Mary, is a very gifted child in math and the pencil case, pencil and the calculator can help me as I go about writing and calculating my bills and with my homeschool math plans.
   The lunchbag is perfect for my little one to carry his lunch in to school and it is so cute with the words "Gifted" on the front.  And of course we can clip the little kitty cat onto his jacket to follow him all day at school.

  I love this movie and I love this little set of goodies.   I have never had a gifted child, but I love this movie because the Uncle just wants his niece to be treated as any other average child.  I know it would be amazing and hard as well with a child such as Mary, but she has a God given talent, but she also has to be treated as any other 7 year old child.
 If you would like to see a clip from the movie "Gifted", click herehttps://wdrv.it/4ae59f1 52
 This is going to be a very popular movie and I can't wait to see it in theaters.
 If you are interested in winning a gift pack like the one shown above, please enter my Rafflecopter.  These are some really cool gifts and my family loved them.  Be sure to catch "Gifted" in theaters, April 7th.

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