Apr 1, 2017

"Smurfs The Lost Village" Movie Review/Giveaway for 2 Tickets

  Our all time favorite little blue friends are here in a new movie titled, "Smurfs, The Lost Village"  This movie is such a family oriented movie that even the themes of the scenes are Biblical oriented.  You will find Smurfette taking a thrilling ride through the Forbidden Forest.  Along with her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty, Smurfette encounters mysterious creatures as she tries to find the lost village before the evil Gargamel does.  Smurfette is played by Demi Lavato and Smurfwillow is played by Julia Roberts.
  Smurfette has a lack of identity and doesn't really know who she is.  Just as some of us don't really know what we really are meant for, we are all God's handiwork and we are defined by those we are not, by what we are or what we have done.  Just by following Jesus defines us as who we are.
  Smurfette is actually very brave and she leads her friends through the forest. The Bible tells us to be strong and courage and to not be afraid in the book of Joshua.  Smurfette is very much a warrior.
  Papa Smurf raises 99 boy Smurfs and one girl Smurf in their Smurf village and he thought the girl would be easy, but Smurfette is full of energy and strong willed. Soon though, Smurfette found other girls in the lost village that she saves. 
Watch the link below of this new movie:
  One of the main points of this movie is when Smurfette finds her identity.  She puts herself in danger when she warns the people of the village that they are in harms way.  Many of the Smurfs put themselves before others.  Gargamel is the one who made Smurfette and Hefty puts himself in danger when he saves Smurfette from the evil villain.  Mathew tells us that those who humble themselves will be exalted.
  Even though Gargamel created Smurfette for wrong reasons, she knows she has to prove to the other Smurfs that she is not a bad person.  She wants to help the Smurfs against Gargamel.  We all have a past, but if it was bad it doesn't define you.  Like Smurfette says, " It's not my purpose to do as Gargamel. "  The Bible tells us, "If anyone is in Christ, a new one has came."  Papa Smurf loved Smurfette into a new identity and even though Gargamel created Smurfette for bad, Papa Smurf saved Smurfette.  Just as God saves us.
  This movie will be a great one and the whole family will love it.   Every person will love this family movie about God's unconditional love.  Love perseveres and never fails. 

  Be ready to watch this darling Smurf movie that leaves a message for everyone throughout the whole movie.  Catch this movie in theaters April 7th.
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