Apr 19, 2017

"Is Genesis History?" Film Review/DVD Giveaway

   Since the beginning of time there have always been people who try to find fault in the writers of the book of Genesis to be the truth.  Genesis is the actual time frame of creation by God that without it we would have no records of how life itself began.  In the first chapter of Genesis you will see our God that made the heavens and the Earth, he added the stars, planets, galaxies and the universe, animals and man, all of creation in just 6 days!  
   There is a film called, "Is Genesis History?"  In this film, of 118 minutes, you will watch as a man visits several other men of different professions, all with relations to history. These men will show relations in their field of study how Genesis is true and yes, part of History.  

   When Noah built the ark in Genesis, history can show that to be very accurate because as the flood covered all the Earth it upturned the highest mountains and the volcano's emptied the ash and lava into ocean beds and land.  There are artifacts and fossils from sea animals embedded in rock still to this very day.
   A Hebrew scholar reads the first scriptures and they too are exactly as our King James Version Bibles are written, so this tells us history is accurate from the very day of creation.
   History does not change.  Just as we know George Washington was our first president we also know that God created Adam in his own image.  Both have true, documented facts, so therefore history began with the beginning of creation and continues on until today.
  Along time ago there was not the technology to see the black hole or stars billions of light years away, so it would be easy for those such as Darwin, to believe in evolution.  But, as we progress with modern technology we can go back and read Genesis and know it was right all along about God creating everything he said he did from the first week of life.  Nothing has changed or been added, the doubters can now see the facts instead of relying on faith as we Christians have always done.
  I truly loved this documentary and it answered some questions I was wondering.  If we can convince the unbelievers that Genesis is History, wouldn't this world be such a better place?
  I recommend you catch this movie, now out on DVD, and watch it with family, friends, church members because it is very exciting to learn about questions we all have asked at one time or another.
Visit this site to buy the film, it comes in different formats, here: http://www.isgenesishistory.com/buy-feature-film/
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