Jun 8, 2017

"God Loves Daddy & Me" Book Review/ Giveaway

  "God Loves Daddy & Me" is just a darling book about a little raccoon and his dad and how much they love each other and how much God loves them.  God loves them when they build tents, take walks and have talks,   Daddy's love cheers him up when its time for chores. They work together to help each other.
  God helps them when they have silly fun. When they camp under the stars. God loves Daddy and me and he listens when they pray.   Daddy's arms make me feel safe and snug.  
  We say -"I forgive you" that's what makes our love so strong.
  God loves Daddy and me from morning until night, At tuck-in time and all the time, we're precious in his sight.

  This book is just in time for your little one to give their Dad on Father's Day.  What a precious book of love this is.  It teaches ourselves and others just how much a parent loves and will do for their child and also about God's love through everything we do. He never  leaves us and always protects us.

  You can also purchase this book from Amazon.com. 
Enter the giveaway.  
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  You will love this medium sized hard covered book of  20 wipeable pages.  Good luck and enter below.
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