Sep 11, 2017

Win the Book - "The Parent' Guide to Baby - Led Weaning" Review/ Giveaway

   I am so in love with this book, "The Parents' Guide to Baby - Led Weaning" by Jennifer House MSc, RD!   Where was it when I had little babies?  I definitely could have used this book and saved a lot of uneaten baby jarred foods and money.
  Baby - Led Weaning is skipping the mush and feeding your baby finger foods, right from the start.  This means your baby doesn't have to eat processed, pureed foods, instead they get simple, but whole and healthy foods from the beginning.  No more buying or making foods and having to spoon feed your baby.
  To begin baby - led weaning make sure your baby has the physical strength and signs of readiness to feed themselves before you get started.  You need to focus on iron-rich foods.  This will be a messy experience, but worth all the mess.

  You will want to offer thinly cut foods like a potato - chip to start weaning, so your baby can handle and eat the foods and to prevent choking.
  You can actually start weaning at about 6 mths. (depending on your baby).  Baby will feel like they are joining in the family meals as they eat their finger foods at the dinner table.
  This amazing book was written by Jennifer House, who has been a registered dietitian for over 14 years and she offers in-person and online programs.  Jennifer is a mother of 3 and she can relate to the joys of baby - led weaning.
  Below are some samples of recipes to feed your baby:

   This is just 2 of the 125 recipes in this great book.  I am so pleased with this book that I giving one at a baby shower this weekend.  I am hoping this new mommy -to-be will be a baby - led weaner.
  "The Parents' Guide to Baby - Led Weaning" book is filled with questions, answers, your concerns and many other topics.  There are subjects on choking and allergies and when and what to start baby out eating.  I really love that they give a weekly guide to foods you can prepare and you won't need to try and think up foods on your own, this book has done it for you.
  Robert Rose Inc. would like to offer one of my lucky readers a copy of this wonderful book from my blog.  It is perfect for any new mom and a great gift for any mom -to- be.  Just enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck !

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