Oct 4, 2017

Win the Children's Book - "God's Great Love For You"


   Rick Warren has written an easy to read and easy to understand book for children titled, "God's Great Love For You."  I was lucky enough to review this book and the children loved it.  Simple sayings such as, God loves you  deeper than the oceans, " and the page shows a boat on water with two whales swimming by, really shows a child just how much God loves them.  It is the simpleness and easily written  sentences that hold a child's attention and gets right to the point.

  I love the colorful illustrations that are also apart of this book.  Chris Saunders is the illustrator.  Each picture is perfect for each page.
  Rick Warren is a #1 New York Times bestselling author  and one of America's influential spiritual leaders.  All his books are perfect for children.
  This book will have your children feeling God's love that will never end and will always be with them.  What a wonderful feeling for children to be secure in knowing!
  This hardback book has 30 pages and you have a chance to win this book just by entering my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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