Oct 16, 2017

Win the Children's Book "I'm Not A Scaredy Cat"

  Max Lucado has written another amazing book for children - "I'm Not A Scaredy Cat".  In this funny book the little cat keeps getting scared of the smallest of things such as balloons popping and leaves falling to the ground.  But each time the little cat gets scared he remembers a simple prayer. "God , you are good. God you are near. God, you are here! And, God, you love me. "  This prayer sees him through each day.

 This book reminds every child that it's ok to be afraid because when you feel frantic, there's no need to panic. Just turn to God and say that prayer.
  This little cat goes through donut sprinkles, a monkey in a blue bandana with a yellow banana even a clock that ticks and tocks.
   I love this brightly illustrated and brightly colored use of words in this book.  It is so much fun for children to read and in the end it is perfect knowing God's promise is always there to keep us safe.
   If you would like to try and win this book- just enter @ FrontGate Christian Media below:

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