Oct 18, 2017

"Same Kind Of Different As Me" Movie- 2 Free Tickets to See this Movie Review/Giveaway

   Coming to theaters across the country on October 20 is a heartwarming, life touching movie titled, "Same Kind of Different As Me."  This movie is based on a true story.
   In this movie, Debbie and Ron Hall are living a marriage in trouble and Debbie, played by Renee Zellweger, keeps having a dream about a poor man saving their city.  Ron is a international art dealer and thinks he and his wife no longer have anything in common.  One day Ron tries to befriend an older, homeless black man named Denver, played by Djimon Hounsou.  This surprises Denver and he responds that he will have to think about why this man wants to be his friend.

   Debbie helps in a homeless shelter that feeds many hungry people daily.  When Debbie meets Denver she knows he is the man she has been dreaming about and wants to get to know him. Denver is not very trusting of excepting help from others.  Denver tells Ron of the harsh, reality of slavery and discrimination he has had to live.  Ron, on the other hand has always been wealthy and concerned with only his needs.
    Here is a clip from the movie:

    This book is written by Ron Hall as he tells this life story. Debbie and Denver are now passed on, but the love these 3 people found together  is remarkable.  You will cry and laugh as Ron recalls the happenings.  Denver is so wise in his years brought on by a life of racial injustice and  Ron was raised in prejudice.  But, through help in a homeless shelter  Debbie finally brings the love together through God for both men.
  This movie will have you glued to your seat, just as the book was a non - stop reader.  You will see that  even though  skin colors are different, we are all due the same love, chance and right to a good life as any other human being.  Denver shows people that we all have differences, maybe not the same, but there are differences.  God loves us all the same and Debbie taught this to Ron and together all 3 lives are impacted.

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   I promise you will love this movie and tell everyone about it.  I did and it was such a reward to my heart to watch this movie.  With our country in the stages of racial tensions of today, this movie should be a must - see.  If it doesn't open the eyes of hatred, I don't know what will.  Love this movie!  
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