Nov 25, 2017

Family Honor Plate Paint Kit & Table Thyme Discussion Cards Review



   I received the sweetest gift for the family to be involved in and some cards for the family to talk about as they paint this Family Honor Plate.  The Family Honor Plate is a set of products to paint a beautiful plate that can be eaten off of after it is painted.  In the middle of the plate it says "Family Honor Plate" and words such as, Love, Joy, Peace, Self- Control and other family words, surround the outside circling the plate.
  The object of painting this plate is as parents discuss the meaning of family and love, children are asked questions from the  Table Thyme Cards.  As they answer questions about themselves and other family members, they will understand good things that remind them of their families to paint on the plate.

  The cards help your children learn about family values as you ask the questions while they paint.  The object of the Table Thyme cards is to spend time with your family talking.  This is something families are lacking in and surveys have shown that families that spend more time together seem to be more content and the children are less likely to be involved in bad things such as drugs and bad friends.
  I talked to my grandkids and we asked many of the questions while they painted.  I wanted them to paint something different, but all 4 decided to write their names and then they dotted it up.  One of my littlest grandson just turned 6, so his painting got a little crazy but, it doesn't matter we had a fun time together doing it and one day, years from now, it will be something to laugh about and for me to always cherish them being little.
 Watch the videos below to see how to do the plate:

 If you would like to buy this plate decorating set or the Table Thyme cards, just visit this site:  What great gifts they would be for Christmas for anyone on your list.  Family, teachers, co-workers and really anyone.
  Below is a picture of the kids painting the plate and then the finished project.  This is a simple product to do and it cleans up easily.

  We plan on baking up a batch of cookies and serving them on it for Christmas.
  I really was so happy to review both the plate and the cards.  We play the cards every night as a game and it is fun.  Anything to keep your children talking to you is a good thing and this complete package project was so fun to do.  I really recommend you buying it for yourself and others.  I know your family will have a great time sharing their fun answers and painting the plate just like mine did.
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*Thanks to Family Honor for allowing me to review for them.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are 100 % my own.

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