Nov 26, 2017

Kutless Alpha/Omega CD Review/ Giveaway

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  Kutless' newest album, Alpha/Omega is definitely my favorite of this great Christian band.  With a touch of classic rock added to calm, odd fashioned gospel music, this CD is perfect for all ages. This awesome group has been together 17 years with 12  #1 radio hits. 
 Alpha / Omega features a new version of "Strong Tower" and the number one radio hit, "King of My Heart".  Below is the song "Strong Tower":

  Each song is a reminder of God in our life and this album displays God in every aspect of our lives.  Jon Micah Sumrall, (a member of the Kutless group) says he feels music can make a difference in people's lives.  He also says the group hears many times from different people how one of their songs impacted their life.  This is why I really love this group and their music. I feel the words to the songs really touch the heart and they help spread the word of God.

  In 2012, Kutless formed End of The Age, (EOTA), which is a non-profit aid that help them spread the word by hosting large, free, outdoor concerts around the globe.  In Belarus, a communist country, 100,000 people heard Kutless and 40,000 committed to Christ!  How can anyone not love a group such as Kutless?  It is proven by their actions that they are in the music making business for more reasons than to be rich or famous.


  Above is the 5 members of the group Kutless.  This is one of their other album covers.
  Alpha/Omega is out just in time to give as a gift to any gospel music lover on your list. You can purchase this album on Amazon. I will be offering one CD thanks to fly by promotions and the band Kutless, so please enter my rafflecopter and Good Luck!


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