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Aug 30, 2018

Healed By Grace 2 DVD Review/Giveaway

  Healed By Grace 2 is a great family movie that helps bring hurting hearts together again.  In this movie, Jessie Fuller loves horses and her mother will not let her have one.  Jessie doesn't know the reason why she is not allowed to own a horse.  Jessie's mother has a scare with breast cancer and John, Jessie's dad decides Jessie needs to go stay with her grandfather while her mom goes through the medical testing.  The problem with this happening is that, Brandy, Jessie's mom doesn't speak to her dad, Gauff and Jessie has never met her grandfather.  John goes ahead and finds Gauff, who owns a riding stable, and leaves Jessie there without telling his wife.


  Gauff has just lost his favorite horse, Grace. But, after listening to a close friend, Gauff decides to rescue a horse which he names Grace 2.  When  Jessie comes to stay with Gauff she begins riding Grace 2 and she also finds out about her mom's illness.  Jessie is mad because her mom never told her about her grandfather.  As soon as Brandy finds out what her husband has done behind her back, she demands Jessie come home. 


  Gauff walked out when Brandy was a child and he was a drinker.  Big into the rodeo scene, Gauff was not a good father to Brandy.  This is why Brandy  doesn't want anything to do with her dad.  She also doesn't want Jessie to begin riding horses and having that kind of life.
  Gauff has changed his life and he is a good man now.  After Brandy finds this out she reconnects back with her dad, Jessie is given Grace 2 for her birthday and the family begins to heal.  Grace 2 is the best thing for Jessie and it brings this family together.  
  I loved this heartwarming movie.  Forgiveness and healing is what this movie is all about.  Great movie for horse lovers everywhere and for all families.

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