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Oct 15, 2018

"Voting With a Porpoise" Childrens Book by Sean Callahan and Russell Glass Review

   We parents all know that  the 2018  midterm elections are just about here.   We also know explaining subjects such as voting to a child is very hard.  Our family is very up to date and stay current with our countries political situation.  When a company by the name of Smith Publicity asked me to read and review their latest book, "Voting With a Porpoise",  I definitely agreed!  Any way I can get help teaching my child on subjects such as our government, then please expect me to want your help.

  "Voting With a Porpoise" entertains and educates the reader, no matter their age.  The story begins when a pod of dolphin can't find enough food in the reef where they have always lived,  The problem is 1. Stay where they have always lived or 2. move on to more fruitful waters?
  The Pod's leader, Finn, doesn't  want Petey to vote because he is just a porpoise.  Mimi another dolphin believes Petey has a right so, they decide to take a vote. Petey is allowed to vote and Mimi becomes the new pod leader.   "To Stay or Not To Stay" is the subject up for vote.  All entries are counted and To Go won the election!

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  One day Finn decides to take a deep swim and becomes entangled in a 6 pack ring around his beak.  Petey hears about Finn and goes quickly to remove the rings and Finn is so grateful that he has a change of heart about Petey being able to vote.

  The authors of this book have researched and found that in 2016 there were 76.2 million, registered voters that did not vote.  This is the goal of these authors, to entertain but, also teach children about why we have these elections, why elections are importable and it also inspires parents to get their families excited about the democratic process.

  I am sending this book to school tomorrow my my grandson to let his teacher read it to them. I believe teaching them young about the jobs as good, legal, American citizens have need to be used.  We can't change what we don't believe in if we aren't strong enough to move the thought forward.

  I love this book and the writers have found something that needs to be in every classroom .  It takes a mentor, teacher, principal and others, sometimes to teach our children.  So purchase this book and get to teaching! This book is sold on Amazon and other book stores across the nation!

*Thanks to Smith Publicity for allowing me to review for them.
*I was not monetarily compensated for the review.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, written review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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