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Nov 11, 2018

My Pet Dinosaur DVD Review and (2) Giveaways

   My Pet Dinosaur is a new movie out this Fall.  The Air base is stationed in a town where there isn't much to do for a kid, but dream up Aliens and dream big.  That is exactly what  Jake has been doing.  After losing his dad, Jake and his family are still trying to recover.   The town has lost a lot of people and it seems to be related to the towns air base.  Jake discovers some remains of an experiment gone wrong and after mixing it with a few other ingredients - wham! instant baby dinosaur!
  One day a girl, Jake's age moves in across the street from him and they are placed together as a team by the science teacher to make an experiment.  Abbie and her dad have moved into the town and her dad is there to try and figure out the problems with the air base.  One day Abbie visits Jake and accidently sees the baby dino. He is so cute and changes colors.Only problem is he grows and he is growing daily.


  Jake knows the air base commander wants his dino and Jake is determined to save him. With the help of Mike,(Jake's brother), and his moms new boyfriend, the group try to hide the dinosaur and help him stay alive.  The mean commander is on to their plan and captures Abbie's dad for knowing to much and then they capture the dino.


  Watch the trailer below for a look into this movie:

  Abbie and Jake discover they really like each other and Mike, Jake's brother, starts to like his moms boyfriend. All the friends disguise and make plans to bring the commander and all he has done to the town, down.  After finding Abbie's dad and the dino, the group succeeds and the the air commander is caught.  The dino is let go and returns to see Jake at the end.
  I really loved this movie! It will have your children pulled in from the beginning to the end. The only problem I was concerned with was a few curse words that I wish they had left out.  But, all in all it will have you falling in love with a darling dinosaur and feeling great about what others can do for the good of human kind, (And dinosaurs)  You can purchase this movie @ Amazon or try and win a copy for 2 lucky readers on my blog below. Good luck!

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  1. I would like to win this for my granddaughter :)

  2. I am pretty sure that my five year old grandson would like watching this My Pet Dinosaur movies with his grandma. I checked it out on the you tube site and it does look really cute.


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