Nov 10, 2018

"The Christmas That Almost Never Was" Children's Book Review/ Giveaway

  It's Christmas time and a huge blizzard just hit Santaville.  The wind was so strong it blew the barn doors open where the reindeer were housed and the next morning all the reindeer had gotten sick through the night.  Santa sent the Dr. to take a look at all the coughing and runny noses  and his verdict was the Flu! All the reindeer had to be put to bed  and were not allowed out in the windy, cold air.  Well what in the world could Santa do now?  He had toys that had to be delivered to chldren all across the world.

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  Here my 7 year old is reading the book, "The Christmas That Almost Never Was" and looking at the enchanting pictures,  he can't read very well so I read along with him and he loved it.  The holiday will be saved and it is coming up. Just continue to read my story.
  Years ago Santa came upon a young group of Polar Bears who could fly and jump high.  Now they had to be found and see how they had grown and were able to do more.  After searching Santa found them and they were super grown! They could fly off ramps and jump upon roofs. Santa said he thought he had his Christmas toy drive ready to go.   So with sickly reindeer and all the workers watching the sleigh line up loaded  with all sorts of baby dolls, bikes, balls and much more everyone counted down the lift off 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and lift off!  Up, up and away they flew with Santa calling all the Polar Bears by name, flying past homes and houses with sleeping little children dreaming of their wonderful Christmas morning,  And it was!  All the toys were delivered and children were happy opening everything they had asked for.
  STANLEY E. WIKLINSKI  said, “I wrote the book to encourage children to dream. To dream is to hope. Nothing ever becomes reality without being first a dream. Bundled within those dreams are love, laughter, imagination and the strength we need to go on in hard times.”
  I believe this book is beautifully written and the illustrations are lovely.  It is a book that could become a family tradition for years after years and generations forward.
  Great book!  I loved it! We found a new family tradition!
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  1. If the reindeer were sick they should find a replacement and nurse the sick ones.

  2. My kids said Santa could have used UPS

  3. justalwaysmakeiteasy = IG

    Santa could use a rainbow slide!

  4. Sick reindeer should always stay home in bed when they are sick and not go out around others, because they will get sick also when being around a sick reindeer.

  5. Santa could have contacted Daddy and used USPS

  6. With the reindeer sick Santa could have asked the elves to find reindeer to replace them and then nursed the sick ones to health.


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