Apr 26, 2019

Whizzy Willow's - First Day At School A Children's Book Review/Giveaway

 Whizzy Willow is ready for his first day of school.  As Willow and his mom head to school, Willow is anxious but, wonders how his first day will be.  Willow is super cute and he has long green hair.
 As Willow enters the classroom he meets his new teacher, Mr. Oak.  Willow sees there are several kids already at their tables and Mr. Oak lets Willow begin to paint with a girl named Daisy.
 The children paint, have lunch, Willow works out a math addition problem, and school seems to be going great.

  At recess, Willow and his friends play football and the ball hits a Owl in the tree and the baby owlet falls to the ground.  Willow runs to pick it up and the baby owlet calls Willow "Mummy".  The mama owl tells the children not to kick the ball into the tree the next day because she needs her sleep.  All the kids talk about what an amazing football player Willow is and they laugh at how the baby owlet calls him mummy.
  Willows mom comes to pick him up from school and asks how the day went.  Willow says he likes school a lot.
  This darling book is a great book for children entering school for the first time.  It helps calm children's nerves , shows the work and fun kids will be expected to do.  Recess and lunch are great social times and for members of the tree family , school is a lot of fun.
  I loved this little book and would loved to have had it when my little ones started school.  I know your children and you both will love it.   You can purchase this book on Amazon.com for around $17.00 or enter my giveaway below for a chance to win.  Thank you and Good Luck!   Enfd 5/5


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  1. Dear Annette,

    I am very pleased you liked Willow and the characters, and how it can help young children starting there first day at school. Hopefully, Willow will have lots more adventures to come!

  2. For my niece .She is starting school next year


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