Aug 3, 2011

Bike Glow review

The BikeGlow™ Safety Light provides 360 degree biking visibility. Running on 2-AA batteries, the BikeGlow™ frame light is a 10' waterproof light tube that securely attaches to your bike's frame. It features three lighting modes: Steady, Slow Flash, Fast Flash. So whether cars are behind you, in front of you, or coming from the side, you remain highly visible and much safer!  

I received the Bike Glow to review and this is really a cool product.  This light goes on easily by winding the the small tube lights around the bike's frame.  With your 2 AA batteries you can make the lights come on so you can be seen by oncoming cars.  The kit comes with everything you need to attach the lights to your bike.  Tape and small screwdriver are included in the set.

BikeGlow comes in eight colors: aqua, blue, green, pink, purple, red, white and yellow, giving the color-coordinating cyclists among us the perfect color to accent our bikes. And, for the price of $24.95 for the kit, that’s a pretty good deal for adding some visibility to your night rides.

There is one thing that needed some more work to really make this the perfect product.  That part is where the connectors come together by the battery box.  If you do not allow enough extra length in the tube lights here then when you make any sharp turns the connection will come undone.  This happened to us a few times.

All together though the Bike Glow is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make riding a bike a safer experience.

* I received this product for review purposes only.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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