Mar 8, 2012

"Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy" Award Winning Childrens Book---review/giveaway Closed!

"Danny The Dragon Meets Jimmy" Award Winning Childrens Book
review/giveaway Closed!

   Every once in a while there comes along an author who really writes from their heart for children.  Tina Turbin is this exact person.  Tina Turbin ( is a multi award winning, published children's author, writer, researcher, humanitarian and mother of three. She wrote her first children’s story at age 16. She has always enjoyed many years of working with and helping children and their families. The Danny the Dragon series ( fulfills a passion of hers to delight children and their families through her enchanting characters in her writing. Tina's style as an author conveys to the young and young at heart and imparts acts of kindness. She is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and has been honored to receive a multitude of awards including an iParenting Media Award, Mom’s Choice Award and Purple Dragonfly Book Award to name a few. You may contact Tina at

Danny The Dragon is a fun filled book that leaves you feeling the magic of a dragon and his friend Skipper.  Jimmy finds an unusual shell at the beach and takes it back home with him to keep.  Soon Jimmy begins to hear the shell talk.  After wetting the shell, Jimmy meets Danny the Dragon and Skipper.  Jimmy's  family a some of his friends gets to meet them also.  Jimmy enjoys spending the day with Danny and Skipper but soon it is bedtime.  After wetting the two visitors back down to a smaller size, the dragon and his friend climb back into the shell.
Jimmy is full of questions but Danny explains that the answers will have to be told later.
Watch a short video from the book:

Here are a few of the awards this book, and others, have helped Tina win:
Nominee for Best Children's Picture Book 2009

National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist -Children's Picture Book 2010
Mom's Choice Awards 2010- Silver Recipient
Disney Media, Parent's Choice Award 2010
Creative Parenting Magazine, Best Multi Media Children's Materials 2011
Five Star Media, Best Illustrations Children's Picture Book- 2011 "My Other Undeniable Cause"
Voted #2 .Info Site In The World- 2010

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Hardcover, Softcover, Audio-Book, DVD,
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 I was given the chance to review this book and loved it!

What a great book this is!  I can't wait to  read the other books in this series.
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