Mar 7, 2012

If You Care Products review/giveaway Closed!


IF You Care is a wonderful environmentally friendly company that uses manufactured materials  made from renewable resources.  If You Care makes 100% unbleached paper products which help reduce the amount of toxins in our lakes and streams and 100% recycled aluminum foil which can be used over and over again.  All their paper products are  biodegradable and safe for landfills.

When packaging their products for shipping this caring company only writes with vegetable - based inks and recycled papers.

Taking care of our planet today and for the future is what this company is completely based on.  Starting with small steps can help stop large problems in the future.
The use of chlorine and dioxin can cause very harmful effects on the human body as well as the fish and other living beings that come in contact with these 2 chemicals.  Paper mills are usually close to water sources, so when the wood used make paper, is processed there the left over waste is dumped into the water.
Making paper usually involves using chlorine.  The reactions of these processes are what can become a great health problem.

If You Care has taken every step to  make sure we are able to have products that we use, and need daily, be safe for all.  They go that extra mile when developing these fantastic products.

I reviewed a box full of awesome If You Care products.  This box included foil, baking parchment paper, paper sandwich bags, a t-shirt and sponges.  I love the baking paper and the sponges are really great!  The sandwich bags remind me on the kind my mother used in our lunches, they keep a bacon and egg sandwich warm!  I would recommend everyone checking out If You Care.  The products are wonderful and the cause is even better.
If you would like to win a box full of goodies from If You Care then please enter my giveaway below and Good Luck!

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