Mar 8, 2012

LeBaby Hair Gel & Detangler review/giveaway Closed!


Tami Dimmerman, creator of Le Baby, searched for a product that would tame and style her daughter Chloe’s fly-away hair without aggravating her eczema or irritating her sensitive skin. She hoped to find a safe, gentle and effective gel without harsh chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients. Unwilling to settle for what was in the marketplace, Tami spent months experimenting with different all-natural formulas until, through animal-free testing, she found the perfect combination.

I also have Shirley Temple haired grandaughter and nothing could control those locks until I tried LeBaby.  This Hair Gel from LeBaby is awesome!  This gel really tames those frizzy hairs and isn't sticky.  I also liked that it rinsed out easily.  Of course being hypoallergenic really helps also.  Anything that we use on our babies should always be safe and non-toxic as this product is.

LeBaby has a new product out now that is also wonderful.  It is the Hair Detangler.  Every child I know gets tangled hair so finding a good detangler is a must.  Le Baby Detangler worked great! The nozzle is strategically designed so that every spritz reaches the hairs’ roots, coating the entire strand of hair from top to bottom. For best results, Tami recommends spraying the Detangler on wet hair and brushing through the hair in sections until the hair combs easily.  No time to re-wash or wet the hair? No problem! The Detangler can be used on dry hair too!

You can purchase both of these LeBaby products separately or together as a Combo Pack from their website.
I love both of these products and recommend them highly for your childs' hair.
If you would like to win one of these LeBaby products then enter for a chance to win the one of your choice.  Good Luck!
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