Apr 21, 2012

stripedshirt review/giveaway


At stripedshirt.com, they believe women, kids and babies should be able to support their teams, schools, organizations, causes, holidays and (literally) show their colors, without looking like “facepainters.”

Introducing the stripedshirt: fun, fashionable fan-wear built just for you with two color combination stripes to match your team.

We live in Texas and our wonderful Texas Rangers Baseball team's colors are red and blue.  Wouldn't it be great to support the team by wearing a red/blue striped shirt to one of the games? 

Maybe your school colors are orange/white or purple/white.  Stripedshirt has those colors also. 
Our great state proudly boasts the colors orange/white for the Texas Longhorns.  And then of course there is the rival team,Texas A&M, and their colors are cranberry/gray.  You can find these colors of shirts also from stripedshirt.
I reviewed the striped shirt in the colors of green/white.  My grandson's dad is Irish, which makes my grandson part Irish, so of course the colors green and white go perfect.  Now at their family reunions he can proudly wear his heritage colors.
Right now, stripedshirt has 14 different color combos.  Their dream is to have at least 40.
Stripedshirt carries Womens, Kids and Babies shirts.  Their hope to one day offer Mens sizes also. 
Each striped shirt is made to meet the founder’s highest standards:

- high quality cotton jersey knit with 5% Lycra for stretch, to keep shape, to prevent shrinking
- true to women sizes, no micro mini boy Ts. XS = size 4, S = size 6, M = size 8, etc.
- vibrant color - dye yarn knit weaving of 2 color combinations
- stylish, comfortable fit – none too tight crew neckline, flattering short sleeves, long enough to cover any muffin tops
- tagless at the neck, cute logo’ed tag with details on side seam
- subtle stripedshirt patch on bottom outside corner of shirt

You can purchase a stripedshirt from their online shop.

I think these are the coolest looking shirts and the idea behind them is even cooler.
I would recommend these shirts to everyone. 
If you would like to own a shirt in your choice of colors and size, then enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!
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  1. It's funny that the Bible verse you have at the bottom of the blog (1 John 5:14-15) also was my verse of the day ...God is trying to remind me that my prayers do get answered! :) Thanks for being an encouragement.


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