Apr 20, 2012

SippiGrip for Sippy Cups review/giveaway

SippiGrip for Sippy Cups

No more lost or dirty cups! SippiGrip is an award winning mom-invented product, which prevents your child’s cup, bottle or toy from falling to the floor and getting lost or dirty.  SippiGrip is a great ‘On the Go’ and germ protection product!

BooginHead is the company that offers the SippiGrip and 5 more wonderful products for your children.  These great products include: PaciGrip, SplatMat, PaciBed, PaciPouch and BPA Free Pacifiers.
BooginHead's products comply with the CSPIA Guidelines and are thoroughly tested for your child's safety.
I reviewed the SippiGrip for my grandson.  We get so tired of hunting down his sippy cups.  We usually find them under the bed, couch or sometimes we never find them.  With the SippiGrip attached to the sippy cup we never have to hunt for lost sippy any more.

BooginHead wants to help others who are not so lucky and share with the community by giving back. Here are just a few of their partners that are important to them:

I  really love this SippiGrip!  It is a life saver for moms. I would really recommend this to anyone with a little one.  This BooginHead product, and all their other products, are available at Babys R Us, Burlingtons, Bed Bath and Beyond, and other retail shops across the US and Canada.
If you would like to win a SippiGrip please enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

Watch this video below about the SippiGrip:
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