Aug 27, 2013

Grace unplugged Book review/giveaway


 Grace Trey is 18 and just out of highschool.  Her parents are determined she will go to college but, Grace has other plans.  Grace is the daughter of ex Rock-nRoll singer, Johnny Trey, and Grace has inheirted her dad's love for music.  Johnny has completley given his life to Christ and isn't into the same music he once was, now he only plays Christian music.  The problem Grace has with her dad is she likes to play her music loud and heavier.  This type of music isn't what her dad believes Grace is being called to do.  

 One day Grace's dad recieves a visitor from his past -Mossy- his old music producer.  Johnny is offered a new shot at his music career again but he turns it down.  Grace can't believe her dad doesn't want back into the music industry.  After several arguments and hurt feelings, Grace runs off to L.A, and meets up with Mossy to begin her music career.
 Grace's mom and dad are hurt by Grace's dicsion and they feel betrayed by Mossy.  Grace soon begins her new life of playing in clubs, drinking and doing things she knows deep in her heart is wrong.  She wants so bad to play her guitar and be a star.
  After  finding out what people really want from her, Grace soon realizes she is at the wrong place and with the wrong people and she goes home.  A couple of years later life finds Grace happy, engaged and playing music for the Lord.  
  Sometimes, chasing your dreams leads you right to where you belong.
  I love this book by Melody Carlson. The story is wonderfully written and you can feel the love of Grace's parent's for their daughter as she ventures out into the real world.  You can also feel the love Grace has for the Lord as she turns her life back around.  Grace Unplugged is a wonderful book and a must-read!
 It is also a movie, due out on Oct.4, 2013
 Watch the clip below from the movie, "Grace Unplugged" :

  The new soundtrack from the movie features: Chris Tomlin, Toby Mack, Colton Dixon and more.

Own It is a book that mirrors the film by asking what it means to really “own” your personal faith rather than just automatically following in the footsteps of parents, friends, or other influencers. Best-selling authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco help readers understand what to do when faith meets real world challenges.
Without solid beliefs, poor choices are likely to follow. You must take the time to really know who you are, who you are becoming, and who God made you to be. It's your personal faith . . . own it! 

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