Aug 26, 2013

My Lanyard Maker from FBM review/giveaway

My Lanyard Maker from FBM

 I recently reviewed a Lanyard Maker from the Friendship Bracelet Maker company.  I have worked with FBM before and their products are great.  A grandfather made a bracelet maker one day after babysitting his granddaughter's to give them something fun to do.  Today, that product and more fun kits, are being used by children everywhere.

 The Lanyard Maker is really fun.  The kit comes with everything seen below:

 Your child can make bracelets and key holders for all their friends.  What fun they will have using the Lanyard Maker alone or with a group.
 Using the Lanyard Maker was really fun for my grandchildren.  They chose the color of laces they wanted their bracelet to be and then they hooked one end onto the loom and the other end of the laces through the slats in the loom.  This way you are able to cross the laces over each other without them becoming tangled. Whenever they wanted to add a bead they would then slip the bead through the lace and then continue to braid the lace.  You can choose from several braids to make your project - Super Tornado, Double Twister, Corkscrew and more - the kit comes with down loadable instructions.

 Lanyard Makers are sold @ Michael's Craft  Stores,, and craft stores nationwide.
 I love these bracelet makers and I know most all children will love them too.
 If you would like to win a Lanyard Maker for a child in your life then please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun!

  2. This looks like it would be fun to do with my nieces!

  3. This looks like fun to make!


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