Sep 30, 2013

Little Pim Language Learning Set Review/Giveaway


  In today's world, learning a second language can be very beneficial to us all.  Babies learn  so fast so why not start them learning as early as a newborn? With Little Pim you can.  Little Pim supports forgein language learning which has been shown to improve memory, strengthens problem solving skills and analytic abilities.  Little Pim is the most effective in-home language learning program available today. 
 I was asked to review the Little Pim language learning set and I was very excited to do so.  There are 11 different languages to choose from.  I chose Spanish because I feel like this language is being spoken everywhere today.  The Little Pim Spanish set came as a 3 part DVD set.

The DVD's are designed to teach your child, 0- 6 years, up to 360 words and phrases.  Each of the videos are child themed such as Playtime, Eating and Drinking and In My Home. While learning, an adorable cartoon Panda Bear, will teach your child fun ways to learn. Each video is divided up into 5 minute episodes to accommodate a child's attention span.  Simple words are taught to your child such as doll, cake and ball. It also teaches numbers 1 - 10.  These words are very common, everyday words to your child.
 Little Pim recommends you let your baby or toddler watch 2 - 5minute episodes 2 to 3 times a week and for older children to watch the whole DVD. Studies have shown that children who can speak another language also excel in reading and writing skills.   

 I love this Little Pim language learning set.  Spanish, and any of the other 11 languages,  can be learned easily with Little Pim.  My grandchildren watch this daily and I can already hear Spanish words being said in my home constantly.  Learning with Little Pim is easy and fun.  Knowing a second language will definitely help your child in the world today. Order your set online today. 
  Purchase this set for 20% off from now until 1/15/14 using the code:  LPHOLIDAY.  Little Pim is also sold at ToysRUs.
Would you like to try and win a set of DVD's from Little Pim in your choice of language? If so then please enter my Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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  1. I would love to have this for my kids! How can we join this contest?

  2. Just enter the Rafflecopter above and follow the steps. It is easy.
    Good Luck!!!!


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